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Phantom of Tintern Road!

DSC 0062

Dr. Blood 

DSC 0061 2mod

Ugly lot - specially that one in front!!

DSC 0053

Goodness knows who this is!!

DSC 0049

Or this

DSC 0046

Or this

DSC 0045

Or this

DSC 0043

Donald or is it Max

DSC 0039

What are you doing, John!!!

DSC 0029

Roy, Gale, & Cockit

DSC 0026

What am I doing here!!!

DSC 0024


DSC 0022

'Shall we go down Maidstone for a drink???'

DSC 0020

Maggie as Shirley Temple

DSC 0018

What is this gobblygook!!

DSC 0015

Anyone got a parrot!!

DSC 0014

Maggie and Maureen

DSC 0012

 Maureen, Marion, Val and Lorna

DSC 0011

Jackie, Maureen and John all silent for a change!!

IMG 0912

Yes - do it Jackie

IMG 0914

THE 2014 SHOW 1st photos

Welome to the Show!!


Roy, Gale & 'Cockit'

Roy, Gale & Cockit

Nelson & Hardy- alias Peter & Godfrey

Nelson & Hardy

Maggie and 'The Good Ship Lollipop'


Home on the Range

Home on the Range

Happy Talkers

Happy Talkers

'Happy Girls'- Lorna, Val, Jeanette, Marion and Betty

Happy Girls

Do Ray Me - with Wendy in charge

Do Ray Me

Compere John Williams

Compere John

Chris Hall - Sound man

Chris the sound man

Charlie Chaplin Sketch

Charlie Chaplain Sketch

Donald where's your troosers

Max as Donald

 10th Anniversary Meeting

 Peter Sargent (Chairman) with Paul James

Peter with Paul James

Gloria gets prepared to cut her 10th Anniversary cake for the members at the Grangemoor Hotel

Gloria and her 10th Anniersary cake

All friends in the garden at Walmer Castle.  I wonder where Peter D is going?

walmer castle 1

The Garden at Walmer Castle

100 4128

Four friends enjoying the view in the garden at Walmer Castle

100 4127

Some "snaps" taken on the Canal boat trip during the Spring Holiday at Littlecote Manor

IMG 0193_crop

11 Happy diners at Littlecote

05 Kennet & Avon canal - Keeping out of the rain

04 On our way again

Crazy Golf

02 Crazy golf in Bath 

100 4078

 100 4074

Here are some photos of the trip to Rudesheim December 2011 submitted by Brian Wade and Val Power 

IMG 0041 

IMG 0042

IMG 0044 

 IMG 0043

IMG 0045 

IMG 0060

IMG 0057

Everyone smiles on a BarmARA trip


Did Mauren play "Happy" in the BarmARA Spectacular?


Another happy group of barmarians 


 The organiser enjoying a well earned pint.


 Here are some photos taken on the Rudesheim trip by John Williams

"I'm looking forward to more of this german beer. Pity I can't get a Jayne Mansfield version" 

peter sargent

Down in one Ken

Rudesheim G

He must have sneeked on the coach when we were not looking

Rudesheim FX

Some people can get very happy on orange juice

Rudesheim F

Val Power getting some special treatment

Rudesheim D

Max with his "Special" and Val enjoying a Rudesheim Coffee

Rudesheim A

Max's Special Glass

Max\\'s special glass

Coffee with the two Vals and Dave & Max

Coffee in Mainz with Dave, Max, Val & Val

 Santa and Joan Williams

Posing with FX

SNOW WHITE and the Several Dwarves. Produced by Dave Mayger October 2011

Snow White played by Lorna Grognet

 Snow White Played by Lorna

The WICKED Queen played by Maggie Barclay 

The Wicked Queen Played by Maggie 

The Mirror played by Wendy Thorpe

The Mirror Played by Wendy 

The Prince played by Val Power

Prince Richard Played by Val 

The King played by Ken Comber

The King Played by Ken

Nurse Sally played by Max Power

Nurse Sally Played by Max

Muddles plaed by Dave Mayger

Muddles Played by Dave

 Three Dwarfs Sneezy by Val Mayger, Bashfull by Maureen Kenwright and Happy by Jackie Boyle

Sneezy Played by Val, Dopey Played by Maureen & Happy Played by Jackie 

 Leech and Sprain played by Maurice Gay and Peter Sargent

Sprain & Leech Played by Maurice & Peter 

The BarmARA Eurostar travellers in front of the Eiffel Tower.

1947200312233 0_ALB

 Holiday Snaps from Cricket St. Thomas. May 2011

"Pilgrims" at Wells Cathedral

 IMG 0507

And there it was gone...   Wendy's ex-Ice Cream pilfered by a seagull.

IMG 1418 wendys ex ice cream 

A very rowdy bunch

A Very Rowdy Bunch at Cricket St Thomas May 2011 

The three Mouseketeers?

cricket 2011 013 

Who us?

cricket 2011 015 

 Waiting for the Pimms

 cricket 2011 021

That was funny!

cricket 2011 022 

Empty plates and full glasses set up for the night

cricket 2011 025 

Smile when I say so

cricket 2011 026

Hi Dorothy

cricket 2011 027 

Is this the happy table? 

cricket 2011 028

No its this one! 

cricket 2011 031

Reminds me of a song "Me and my girls" 

cricket 2011 034 - Copy

Can't we finish our pud first Mr. Bailey

cricket 2011 035

The Barn Dance at Fant Hall on Saturday 9th April 2011

100 3740

100 3739

100 3725

100 3718

Petanque Session 1 at the Redstart Pub on 11th April

 A welcome Tea Break

100 3758

 100 3753

 100 3755

100 3759 








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CNV00023 0002

 CNV00022 0002

CNV00021 0002

CNV00018 0002

CNV00016 0002 

CNV00015 0002

CNV00013 0002

CNV00012 0002

CNV00010 0002

CNV00006 0001 

CNV00004 0002



Our Morris\\'s having a laugh

Mr Music Man

CNV00001 0002

 The Beverley Estate Sisters

The Beverley Estate Sisters 

A motley crew captured by Gloria 

Tom Hart-Dyke talking to BarmARA about his World Garden at Lullingstone Castle

Tom Hart-Dyke telling BarmARA about his World Garden at Lullingstone Castle