Chairman – Colin Wallsgrove.

 Issue 156 November 2018

 Our meetings are held on the 4th Friday of the month, the next one

 is on the. 25th

 January. There is no meeting in December the

 Christmas lunch replaces it. The speaker in January will be Mr Gordon

 Bennett his theme ‘Cockney Sing Song ‘.

 Today’s Speaker is Ann Hall her subject is “ Turkish Delight Dancer”. ???

 Quiz night in aid of our Charity – Motor Neuron Disease.

 Thank you to all our members and friends that came along and supported

 our Charity Quiz. As usual the quiz masters did an excellent job. The

 questions were varied and not to hard. Everyone seemed to be enjoying

 themselves. Well done to the table that won. The evening raised £293.10

 for our Charity, so thank you all for supporting us.

 Brenda Sargent.

 We are urgently looking to recruit another First Aider to support Jeanette

 Reid Marr who is doing sterling work. Training will given via a recognised

 Course, and a mentor is available, if required, namely Laurie Moore who

 Is a retired Paramedic. If you interested please contact the Chairman or

 Have a chat with Jeanette or/and Laurie.

 The coaches for this year’s Christmas Lunch on Tuesday 18th December

 Will leave Allington at 10.45am, Fant lane at 11am and Beverley at 11.10.

 Date for your diary.

 Saturday 30th March 2019.

 Race Night at Barming Village Hall.

 Fish and Chips, Tea/Coffee included.

 Details to follow.

General Knowledge Quiz.

1 Name the German National Airline?

2 Which city can you find the home of Ann Frank?

3 How many stars has the American flag got?

4 How long is the Great Wall of China?

5 Who invented Ferrari cars.?

6 According to the Bible who was the first murderer?

7 In what year did Princess Diana die?

8 Which 19th century murderer was never arrested?

9 On which mountain did Jesus take his last supper?

10 What is the largest number you can make using 5 digits?

11 What is the most fractured bone.?

12 What is the most famous university of Paris ?

13 What animal is on the flemish flag ?

14 What is the name of the Indian Holy River?

15 Which South American Country is named after Venice?

16 How many stars are on the flag of New Zealand?

17 What colour do you get by mixing red and white?

18 What is both a French wine region and a American car?

19 For which narrow sea strait is Hellespont the old name?

20 Between which two countries does Offa’s Dyke run?

21 What was the pen name of Eric Arthur Blair?

22 Which wife of Henry vIII went on to marry lord Seymour?

23 How many sides does a Pentagon have?

24 Which title is held by the Queen’s eldest Daughter?

25 Who wrote ‘Rob Roy’ in 1817?


1, Whitstable. 2) The Cinque Ports. 3) Dover, Hastings, Hythe, New Romney

Sandwich. 4) Apple. 5) Kentish Men. 6) Ann Widdecombe.

7) Romney Marsh. 8) Leeds Castle. 9) William Golding. 10) Thomas becket.

11) Chartwell. 12) Whatling Street. 13) Goodwin Sands. 14) Chatham.

15) Swam the Channel. 16) Dungeness. 17) Dover. 18) Flint. 19) Custard pie.

20) Ramsgate.


 Thursday 10th January 2019

 An outing has been arranged for a matinee performance to see the

 Pantomime “SNOW WHITE” at the London Palladium with Dawn French

 Julian Clary, Paul Zerdin, Nigel Havers, and Gary Wilmot joined by

 Strictly Come Dancing pair Vincent &Flavia. Dress Circle Seats.

 Price £42 if 45 people interested? Contact Gloria 720515

 NOTE New pickup times.

 Pick up times ; Fant 10.30am, Beverley 10.40am, Allington 11.00 am.

 Friday 15th

– Monday 18th

 February 2019.

 Another amazing value holiday has been arranged to the Abbey Lawn Hotel

 at Torquay for 4 days 3 nights . Price £124 pp and Single rooms £132.

 At time of booking you can request front facing rooms.

 Contact Gloria 720515


 WED 20th MARCH 2019




 COST £48.


 CONTACT MO 661498.

 Monday 6th May-----Friday 10th May 2019.

 4 night short break at Warners Littlecote Country House , Berkshire.

 Three excursions, (2 full days and 1 half day) included

 Price £350 per person for standard room,includes coach and trips.

 £30 deposit Contact Neil Kenwright on 727066 . 




Would those of you who put your name down for the Ramble Christmas

Lunch please note that we are booked in for 12.30 at the Bull at Penenden

Heath on the 26th November. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

LORNA 01622 687415.

Ten Pin Bowling.

Nine people turned up for our second session of Ten Pin Bowling and out of

the men Neil came first with 117 and John second with 116. Unfortunately

Marion cannot make it at the moment so it gives us other ladies a chance.

Maureen came first with 75 and Jackie and Lorna second with 74. So the

Kenwright’s surpassed themselves! If you would like to join us we would be

Pleased to see you. If you don’t want to play, just come for a natter and a

cup of tea.

John Grognet.


TA Centre Boxley Road

10am to 12 noon. Cost £1-50

Friday Dates.

14th Dec, 18th Jan, 8th Feb,

15th Mar, 12th April, 17th May, 14th Jun.

Ten Pin Bowling, Hollywood

Bowl Fairmeadow Complex

3 Games and Tea/ coffee for

£6.25. Arrive 10.45 for 11 am

Dates. 6th Dec, 3rd Jan

7th Feb, 7th Mar.

COFFEE MORNING (Maureen 727066)

Barming Parish Hall

Mondays 10am to 12 noon

Date 3rd Dec. 7th Jan, 4th Feb.

ART GROUP (Sheila 728183)

Barming Parish Hall

10am to 12 noon

Dates, 13th Nov.

 27th Nov, 4th Dec. 11th Dec.

Any Items, Photos, Events or Articles you would like to be placed in the

Newsletter Please contact Dave Mayger ( editor ) on 670034 or E mail