2017 photographs

Charity handover to Parkinsons UK 

March 2017

Parkinsons 2

Parkinsons 1   

Chairman Colin handing over a cheque for 2,150

Some of the event organisers

Betty West had trouble with her teeth!!! 

Parkinsons 3

The people who made the money!!!

July 2017

Brenda, Betty and Joan lost in the Jungle at Kew Gardens

Lost in the Jungle

Memories of Hole Park, Tenterden in May 2017

Maggie & Gloria


eating out

Josie enjoying herself

Presentation of 2700 cheque to macmillan nurses
by our Chairman ,Colin, to Joy Sanders (March 2017)

Macmillan nurse donation  

Kurling at the T.A Centre March 2017


Don't know who this bloke is !!!!

kurling 2

Imperial Hotel Eastbourne February 2017

Always the last out of the Dining Room!!!


Happy Wanderers at Mote Park

Mote Park

Happy pictures at Hever Castle

The Gang Hever

men at Hever Ladies at Hever

Some Pictures from our June Meeting Celebrating the Queens' 90th Birthday

                  A fine bunch of blokes!!!

fine bunch of blokes!

Peter and Brenda


The Members

right gang left gang

Neil helpers cards

'You smell nice!!                       Tea and Raffle                       Playing with Cards

Bum  Champions 

I'd recognise that bum anywhere!!                             The Winners                                        

Cakes     Ron

Lovely Cakes                                                                                 'Palace' colours

Laurie and Chairman Peter June 2016

Him and Him                                                         Him and Her

September 2017

Another fine bunch of charity walkers- this time for Parkinsons

charity walk 2017 

Christmas meal in December 2017

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 Our very own Photographer Rod Wilson - Thanks Rod!!

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       Twisting away (well Pauline and Maureen are!!!)